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This Fall we celebrate new beginnings

A new season of college football kicked off last weekend. Two new presidential candidates were officially announced this week. And the upcoming weekend marks the one-year anniversary of Brett’s injury – another beginning in the series.

We’ve learned that recovery takes time, more time and more patience than we could ever imagine. The complexity of a brain injury is overwhelming.

Not surprisingly, Brett is focused. Today he is focused on what needs to happen to get home. Among the many reasons he wants to come home is to be back with his Hawkeye family.

When Brett collapsed last year, the Hawks were preparing to play Iowa State the next day. The weather was gorgeous, the rivalry was fuming and people were ready to play some football. And in the midst of it all, Coach Ferentz sent John Streif back to Iowa City with the strength and hope of the entire Football team, to support Brett in those first few hours of his injury.

This year, Brett lends his strength and support to the Hawks as they prepare for their home opener.

Go Brett and Go Hawks!

21 Responses to “This Fall we celebrate new beginnings”

  1. We are thinking about you everyday and praying for your continued recovery and Hawkeye strength! Watching the Hawkeyes play is still great, but not the same without #30 still playing! We hope to see you when you get home to Bettendorf! Love the pictures of Steele Magnolia too!
    Georgia and Fred Paul
    Colorado Springs

  2. So sorry the Hawks didn’t win one for you yesterday. I didn’t expect a lot out of this young group but was hoping to get some of those trophies back. Take care & get well. I’d wear green for you anytime again even if it’s not my favorite color [when I was a kid with bright red hair, I felt like a big Christmas ornament when I wore green—ha ha!] GO HAWKS!

  3. Way to go Brett, you are an inspiratiion!

  4. One strong Spartan and one strong Hawk. We BELIEVE in you.

  5. I’ve missed that smile, we are all so happy to hear that you are getting stronger.

  6. Keep it up! We are all thinking of you.

  7. Keep going strong Brett! We believe in you and your strength! Connie Chamley

  8. MIssed a win on Saturday, but seeing pics of you up and walking…better than ANY win on the field! Can’t wait to hear that you are home and cheering on the Hawks from your own couch! Go Hawks and Go Brett!!! Much love to you!

  9. Oh Brett, it’s so good to see a picture of you. We miss you so much. God bless you and give you continued faith and strength!

  10. Praying for you all the time! Love seeing your progress! GO HAWKS!

  11. Praying for you Brett- You are a warrior off and on the field. God Bless you.

  12. what a true inspiration…keep on fighting brett…can’t wait to see you at a hawkeye game in the near future…

  13. good luck greenwood always keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. You’re and inspiration and have always been an inspiration to me.

  14. Brett, you’re wonderful….but….something is missing!!! We need some pictures of you with your girls, Chrissy & Steele!!
    PS: I agree with Vanessa – a picture of you looking SO good is worth more than a Hawkeye win to us!!
    Lots of love from the Seymours!! xoxoxox

  15. Sep 24, 2011 was the inaugural “Wear Green for Greenwood” game at Kinnick. Instead of creating a Facebook event page (that eventual disappears), I thought creating a group page might be the way to go; this page will not go away =) The facebook page link follows. Please invite others to join this page and then as things develop (like a “wear green” campaign, etc), everybody that had joined this page gets an update…. Thinking of Brett and his family GO BRETT! GO GREEN! GO HAWKS!

  16. Brett,
    The Iowa Football Club is excited to see that you keep marching forward! We look forward to the day when you can come to our tailgate and coach at our camp in the Quad Cities! You are an inspiration to all former players!
    Always a Hawk!
    The Iowa Football Club

    (The IFC members are all former players, coaches, managers, trainers and support staff)

  17. Happy Birthday Brett. We are going green at th Bett. PV game tonight.

  18. Happy Birthday Brett – best wishes are always sent to you! We have have always admired you, your work and your strength. Carry on our friend, always in our thoughts – Blessings today and always young man! Tim, Cheryl. Logan and Lauren Frame

  19. Such an inspiration. We have been spreading the word as much as possible across the state of Iowa. Sept 22nd will be the Second Annual Wear Green for Greenwood at Kinnick and much across Iowa. A group of us Bettendorf, PV and Iowa Fans put together a page on Facebook and Twitter to spread the info. We just want to show you how much you have inspired your fans, supporters and community. We hope to see a sea of GREEN in Kinnick this coming Saturday. Hawks Fly Strong, like Brett.

  20. Brett so good to see that you are getting stronger everyday and continue your HAWK attitude. I know you were hard working on the field and still are today. Think of you and praying for a full recovery for you all the time.

  21. We always love seeing the amazing progress you continue to achieve.
    We cheer you on! Linda, Ben, Chelsey and Alec

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